In the last few years, the commercial applications of drones and their growing impact can no longer be ignored. The development of technology will create more jobs that will include knowledge of drone management which will ensure an efficient system in providing services for different industries. Drones have already shown how useful they can be in crisis situations and have thus been used when a medicament or antidote had to be delivered urgently to hard-to-reach areas; in urban planning, geographic mapping, archeology and agriculture. Postal operators also see the benefits of drone delivery in their day-to-day operations, especially the possibility of using drones in the delivery of letters and packages between postal operators. Croatia, Greece and Cyprus Post and the Aviation Technical School Rudolf Perešin from Croatia and AKMI from Greece joined forces with Dronint and came up with the idea and withdrew grants from the EU Erasmus + Program to develop a curriculum that will enable professional training of employees in one profession which future brings.

Providing access to training and qualifications for all

Apart from amateur use for personal purposes, there are no drone management training programs on the market, including drones that would open more opportunities for people in the labor market. Project “Innovative Training Curricula for Drone Controllers” – Fly VET Up! addresses precisely this problem with the aim of creating training materials for the use of drones in the delivery of packages to boost employability and social, educational and personal development. The goal is to develop a Curriculum for the occupation of drone operators that meets the needs of individuals and the labor market as well as raising awareness of the possibilities of using drones in various industries. By collaborating on the Fly VET Up! project will also be established a partnership between postal operators, training institutions, ICT companies and professional service providers with the aim of promoting and providing continuous training to their staff. Assisting in the acquisition of practical skills and their effective integration into work is in line with the European Union’s vocational education and training priority, with the aim of providing access to training and qualifications for all.

Participating organizations (postal sector, vocational education and small and medium enterprises) will create a methodology with specific tools to improve the quality of customer service and enable the establishment of a mechanism to provide them with qualified drone controllers, and develop new policies to improve postal services . The project is fully funded by the EU through the Erasmus + Program in the amount of 214,382.00 EUR and will take place in the period from 2 November 2020 to 1 November 2022. Fly VET Up! coordinator project is HP – Croatian Post d.d.

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