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TASK 1: Training programmes design and selection of training methodologies and means

The fundamental principle is to maximize the expected output of the investment in human resources, not only in terms of developing and implementing training programmes but also in terms of assessing and attesting of the participants when they meet the requirements of these new professions.

The objective of the training programme for Drone controller is to enable the participants to achieve following on the basis of their occupational profile: a. maximum level of assimilation of concepts, terminology and model regulatory framework for UTM/UAVs operations and application thereof in the open labour market; this is a major element of their professional adequacy and activity and b. Strengthening their position in order to ensure approval, or other form of authorisation, for UTM/UAVs operation and promotion of this new alternative service network for the citizens –customers with mutual benefits for both.

Task 2: Developing training material (e-learning)

The training material required to be developed for the implementation of such major training programmes include the following:

1) Manual of Thematic Fields: The template for the UAVs European Operations Manual which will be a professional tool in the day-to-day work of trainees-remote pilots and instructors;

2) Manual for other training material structured on individual modules which – according to the standards and methodology to be applied – will specify all the learning objectives necessary for the final assessment – attestation of learning outcome (achieved competence) of this training.

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