Meet our partners

Croatian Post Inc.

Croatian Post is the largest provider of postal services in the Republic of Croatia and the only provider of universal services according to the provisions of the Postal Services Act. It is 100% owned by the Republic of Croatia. In addition to delivery services, Croatian post offers its customers many other services such as various digital, financial and insurance services ,as well as a diverse retail range and the ability to meet numerous requests to different state institutions. In the development „Strategy Post2022 Croatian Post emphasizes the development of its core business operations through the improvement of business processes and the introduction of business innovations. With its network of 1016 post offices, over 3000 vehicles and about 9500 employees, the Croatian Post is present in all parts of Croatia. Significant funds are systematically invested in knowledge and all workers can participate in additional training programs to improve management competencies, internal transfer of knowledge about work processes and to strengthen cooperation and teamwork. Environmental protection, care for its preservation, sustainable business and prevention of further climate change are key determinants of Croatian Post's business. With the purchase of electric bicycles, mopeds, quadricycles and charging stations for electric vehicles, Croatian Post is headed towards energy sustainability. The Company, in addition to numerous benefits for users, installed number of parcel machines to further reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. One of the recent innovative achievements of alternative delivery methods is the first delivery by drones. The pilot project showed the possibilities of using drones in the delivery of letters and packages between post offices and indicates the needs of the Croatian Post for this type of technology.

Aeronautical and technical school Rudolfa Perešina

Rudolf Perešin Aviation Technical School is the only school in the Republic of Croatia that educates aviation personnel, which includes a common technical and logistical area. It is located within the airport area and has been operating for 44 years through aviation and aeronautical engineering training. In its daily work, the School actively cooperates with partners in the implementation of practical classes and curricula with the national airline Croatia Airlines, Aviation Technical Center, Faculty of Transport Sciences, Air Transport, Ministry of Interior - Lučko Air Unit, Ministry of Defense - Croatian Air Force, Zagreb International Airport and many private partners. Vocational curricula have been completely modified and adapted to the requirements of the labor market and European regulations for occupations according to EASA, part 66. The school is currently attended by 316 students in three educational profiles over a four-year period. The school actively conducts several activities at various aviation-related events through various participations in air shows, air fairs, etc. Its goal is to expand and improve its field of work and develop a department for drones, because they can be used in all segments of human life, to improve quality life and ease of work. Educates staff working on aircraft maintenance of all categories and are interested in the possibility of using drones as tools in aviation. Aircraft maintenance and repair contractors use drones when inspecting aircraft. Given the partnership with the national carrier Croatia Airlines, the goal is to expand and develop its knowledge in the segment of the use of drones in aircraft maintenance. In the perspective of the development of new technologies, drones are becoming an everyday part of every successful business in various industries, and there is space and need for them in Croatian companies in the area where we want to develop and acquire knowledge.

Ellenika Tachydromeia- ELTA

Hellenic Post S.A. (Ελληνικά Ταχυδρομεία) occupies a leading position in the Greek postal market and has played a significant role in the country's social and business environment for more than 188 years. Since 1996, the company has been operating as Société Anonyme (ELTA S.A.) and has been designated to provide universal postal services in Greece until 2028. The company has established subsidiaries in several sectors, such as courier services, vocational training, mutual fund management, as well as the provision of insurance products and services, thus significantly expanding its portfolio of products and services.. It consists of Hellenic Post-ELTA and subsidiaries: ELTA Courier S.A. (courier service provider) and KEK ELTA S.A. (vocational training center). Approximately 700 post offices and 715 postal agencies serve over 1 million customers daily and approximately 3,600 postmen in urban and rural areas deliver the company’s products and services daily to nearly 4 million households, even in remote parts of the country. The corporate investment program focuses on the automation of the postal network ("end to end"), modernization of IT systems and the introduction of e-services and other innovative products with the aim of diversifying the company's portfolio of products and services. The goal is to provide high quality services and improved customer service, the introduction of new technologies in the entire production line and the continuous development of human resources. Greek Post has extensive experience in planning, implementing and managing EU-funded programs in the 2nd and 3rd Framework of Community Support in the European Union. area of ​​human resource management (training programs, etc.), large-scale infrastructure projects, business reorganization projects, marketing, etc. Moreover, in recent years, the company has also participated in numerous projects related to postal security and improving employee training.

Department of Cyprus Postal Services

The vision of the Cyprus Post is to create a modern and flexible organization with financial and administrative autonomy that can meet the individual requirements of citizens with a sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness. The goal is efficiency both locally and internationally by providing quality postal services as well as providing new value-added services using its network and infrastructure. The main areas of activity are: transformation of the Cyprus Post into a public corporation, introduction of new services and products, systematic development of customer-oriented culture, systematic staff training, improvement of the quality of services offered, introduction of new technologies that will meet customer needs and help productivity services. The Cyprus Post employs 619 people indefinitely and seasonally. In accordance with the relevant legislation, as a provider of universal services, it has the responsibility to provide postal services of a certain quality, five days a week throughout the Republic, at unique and affordable prices, while respecting society and the environment. Citizens and businesses, in both urban and rural areas, are provided with a service through a well-organized postal network consisting of 51 post offices, 1,026 postal agencies and 1,000 collection boxes as well as 32,000 private mailboxes. Since 2003, Cyprus Post has been participating as a coordinator and partner in European projects (Mobility - Erasmus +) with the aim of gaining experience, knowledge and skills in order to transform into an innovative, modern organization and ready to face new changes in the postal world. Participation in various projects has helped employees learn and acquire more skills, enrich their knowledge and exchange good practices and experiences. During the implementation of the "Mobility Program" (2005- 2011), a large number of employees traveled to other countries and had the opportunity to see and experience new practices of other postal operators.

AKMI Anonimi Ekpaideftiki Etairia

The Institute of Vocational Training AKMI (AKMI S.A.) was founded back in 1989 and today it is one of the leading Vocational Training Institutes in Greece providing post-secondary education. It operates in 16 buildings all over Greece with a total space area of 31,288 km. AKMI is divided in 13 Departments, hosts 342 different labs and provides training in 107 occupations. It has more than 13.000 active students, while its key strategic advantage is its human capital as AKMI employs experts on a great variety of industries and sciences. The institution has been distinguished as one of the 7 Best VET institutions in Europe, while also receiving numerous honours such as the Education Business Awards and the prize for Economic Support Policies and Programs in support vulnerable social groups. The main aim of AKMI S.A. is to provide high quality educational services in a wide variety of expertise including new fields and areas, so as to ensure timely matching of labor market needs by highly trained professionals with strong academic records and extensive experience. Overall, the Institute employs 73 people as permanent staff while it is collaborating with a multitude of teachers who are entrusted with the delivery of courses to students. The courses provided are recognized by the Ministry of Education and meet European standards. AKMI is present in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Heraklion (Crete) and Larissa covering the largest Metropolitan areas of the country, offering a series of complementary services to its students such as foreign language courses, ICT certification, Internship Programmes, Career Office, Career Day events and a Virtual Learning Environment.


Dronint is a private company founded in 2018 in Nicosia Cyprus. Provides a wide range of services and products related with UAV training, technology, and operations. Dronint is the leading UAV training provider in Cyprus and has trained more than many UAV pilots and technicians. Apart from the standard EASA drone courses (open and specific categories), Dronint provides training for a wide variety of special drone applications. Some representative examples are: • Inspection of industrial facilities • Security monitoring of critical infrastructure • Monitoring of the progress of construction projects • Solar panel thermography Apart from training, the company provides UAV related services. These include security monitoring, inspections of industrial facilities, spraying of agricultural fields, monitoring of construction projects, solar panel health monitoring, mapping of agricultural fields and delivery of goods using drones. Moreover, the company has significant expertise in inspections of critical infrastructures (internal and external) using drones. For the purposes of these activities, the company has developed significant experience in the development of 3D models of the inspected areas using photogrametry techniques. Also, there have been conducted many projects related to health monitoring of solar panels, by using thermography equipment mounted on drones, as well as inspections of wind turbine blades. Finally, Dronint has experience in monitoring the progress of construction projects using drones. The company has been involved in a number of different construction projects in which drones used to capture the status of the construction site at different phases. This allowed the project managers to monitor the progress of the project’s development and also identify potential dangerous situations. Finally, it should be mentioned that Dronint, in scope of the company’s policy for corporate social responsibility, carries out activities targeting: • Upgrading the quality of life • Volunteering • Equal employment opportunities • Free of charge drone lessons to socially vulnerable individual

BK Consult GbR

BK Consult GmbH was funded in 1993 as society under civil law (GbR) and acts as a niche provider in management of EU-funded projects and related service delivery. In July 2021, the GbR was transferred into the legal form of a Limited. Founding Partners, i.e., Theodor Grassos and Bernd Kruczek, accumulate more than 30 years of experience as lead and/or project partners, in funding schemes like Leonardo-da-Vinci, ESF Article 6, ERASMUS+ KA2 and KA3, ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs, EQUAL as well as INTERREG A and B, while they have experience in EuropeAid and World Bank Projects. BK Consult covers the thematic fields of: • Education, including the design and delivery of Training Curricula, using state of the art methodologies (TNA, DACUM, EU Competence Frameworks, EQAVET), • Employment, either as facilitators through the support of start-ups and entrepreneurship, or through the effective upskilling and reskilling of employees and unemployed, • Social Inclusion, targeting vulnerable groups, , including single parent families, long-term unemployed, minority groups, TCNs, • Quality Assurance of Deliverables and Project Outputs, • Project Management at Local, National and EU level, and • Evaluation of Projects and Programmes. BK Consult GmbH deals with 21 ongoing projects, i.e., 3 as Lead Partner, 3 under CBHE and round about 15 KA2 projects, like PsyhOnskills, Tour2Include, ICT4Elders, uRBFARM, DigiPath, ecomarine, etc.


Dronint is a company specializing in unmanned aerial systems reflecting today’s needs and demands by focusing on innovation and technological advances.